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Anthracite Coal - Premium Quality Fuel

Looking for top-notch anthracite coal? Look no further! Cooper Fuels is your trusted source for premium anthracite coal. Our high-quality anthracite coal is perfect for a variety of heating applications.


Anthracite Coal Suppliers - Your Reliable Choice


At Cooper Fuels, we take pride in being your reliable anthracite coal suppliers. Our commitment to quality ensures that you get the best anthracite beans for your needs.


Buy Anthracite Beans - Exceptional Heat, Minimal Ash


Anthracite Beans, specifically designed for gravity-fed appliances, are the ultimate choice when it comes to efficient and clean heating. These beans are engineered to deliver an intense, long-lasting heat with an impressively low flame, making them ideal for use in smoke-controlled areas. Say goodbye to excessive ash – our anthracite beans produce very little residue.


Pricing Options:


£15.50 for 25kg

£30.00 for 50kg

£600.00 per tonne (loose)

£620.00 per tonne (bagged)


Looking for more information or have specific requirements? Give us a call at 01405 860330. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you and provide all the details you need. Cooper Fuels is your trusted partner for top-quality anthracite coal.

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