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Buy Kindling for Effortless Fire Starting


Looking to kickstart your fires effortlessly? Our Kindling Wood is your perfect solution.


Kindling Bags: Convenience in Every Pack


Discover the ultimate convenience with our Kindling Bags.


Kindling Firewood Delivery Across Yorkshire


Don't let the lack of kindling hold you back from enjoying a warm, cosy fire. We offer Kindling delivery services across Yorkshire. [Link to delivery page]


If you want to ignite your fires effortlessly and efficiently, our Kindling Wood is the answer.


Conveniently Packed and Easy to Store


Our kindling is expertly packed in weatherproof polythene bags, making storage a breeze. Say goodbye to messy kindling piles and hello to neatly organised fire starters.


Delivered to Your Doorstep


We offer delivery options to various locations, including Selby, Goole, Thorne, and throughout Yorkshire. Whether you're stocking up on coal, logs, or kindling, we've got you covered.


Affordable Pricing: Just £3.00 per Pack


Start your fires without breaking the bank. Our Kindling Wood is available at the unbeatable price of only £3.00 per pack.


Contact Us for More Information


Have questions or need more details? Give us a call at 01405 860330. We're here to assist you with all your kindling needs.

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