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Excel Smokeless Fuel Suppliers

When it comes to finding reliable Excel smokeless fuel suppliers, look no further than Cooper Fuels. We provide premium Excel coal that's perfect for a variety of heating applications. Excel coal is a top choice for multi-fuel appliances and open fires, even in smoke control areas.


Excel Smokeless Fuel: Buy Excel Coal


If you're in the market for quality smokeless fuel, make sure to buy Excel coal from us. Excel coal offers exceptional benefits for your heating needs. Here's why you should choose Excel coal:


High Heat Output 

Excel coal generates a remarkable heat output, ensuring your living space stays warm and cozy during those chilly days and nights.


Low Ash Residue 

Say goodbye to the hassle of constant cleaning. Excel coal leaves behind minimal ash, making maintenance a breeze.


Smokeless Quality 

Concerned about smoke and carbon dioxide emissions? Excel coal is smokeless, resulting in reduced smoke and carbon dioxide compared to traditional house coal.


Traditional Ambiance 

Enjoy the charm and authenticity of a real fire with Excel coal. It offers slow-burning characteristics and effortless control, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance.


Many modern stoves are versatile and can burn wood or kiln-dried logs. However, for superior heat and performance, nothing beats the efficiency of Excel coal or smokeless fuel.


Excel Coal Pricing:


£15.50 for a 25kg bag

£30.00 for a 50kg bag

£600.00 per tonne (loose)

£620.00 per tonne (bagged)


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 01405 860330 for more information or to place your order. At Cooper Fuels, we're committed to providing you with top-notch Excel coal to meet all your heating needs.

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